Tilia Labs has developed a suite products for the printing industry delivering a fresh approach to solve longstanding bottlenecks in the production process. At the heart of this approach is their unique ability to fuse highly advanced algorithms with modern, intuitive design to produce software with incredible power and simplicity.

Phoenix is Imposition and Planning United. Designed for a variety of work types such as packaging, labels, tags, wide format and more, Phoenix drastically cuts cost by reducing pre-press time, waste, and even post-press. With Phoenix's sophisticated set of ganging tools, accurate estimates can be generated in minutes and then re-used for final touches in pre-press. Phoenix is capable of being fully integrated with Enfocus Siwtch to further enhance automation & productivity benefits.

Phoenix comes in three editions:

CAD, PDF, and PRO. All editions include a wide array of customizable, dynamic marks, full support for ALL PRESSES including Wide Format, the ability to export to OPEN STANDARDS such as PDF, JDF, PS, CFF2, accurate and time cost estimates, job reports and much more.

Phoenix CAD

is ideal for Folding Carton and Greeting Card printers who use CAD software to create multi-up dies or have a library of standing dies.
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Artwork to Die auto snap

CFF2, DXF, and DDES CAD Import

Interactive Die Import Wizard

Group based bleed overlap resolution

Die line editing capabilities

Dies synced across front & back sides

Phoenix PDF

is a pure PDF-based workflow where new layouts are generated directly from PDF or AI files. Perfect for labels, digital cartons and signage.
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True die shape from artwork inks

Grid-based Step & Repeat tool

Step up using true die contour gaps

Nine auto fill options to optimize sheet

Seamless repeats layout support

Phoenix PRO

combines all the great features of Phoenix CAD and Phoenix PDF and adds additional power with PDF versioning capabilities.
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All CAD Import features of Phoenix CAD

All PDF layout features of Phoenix PDF

PDF Layer control within each product

Preserve, flatten or merge PDF layers

Import Products from CSV spreadsheet

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