PitStop is, without doubt, the industry standard for PDF quality control. Since 1997, this multiple award winning technology has set the standard against which all other competing solutions are benchmarked and is trusted by over 130.000 customers worldwide.


PitStop Pro is an easy to use and powerful Adobe Abrobat plug-in providing all the features required to efficiently control the quality of your PDFs using industry standard or user customizable preflight profiles. With one click, your PDF is quickly validated against the checks specified within the selected preflight profile.

Errors and warnings include missing fonts, transparent objects, low resolution content, RGB/spot colours, Any warnings or errors are quickly highlighted and presented to the user in a very user friendly and interactive pre-flight report which details the warning or error and by clicking on the warning/error message, the offending content in the PDF is highlighted so the user can see precisely where the problem is.


PitStop Pro offers a vast array of PDF correction opportunities which are easily customised and grouped together. These ‘Action Lists’ provide powerful, one-click automated PDF correction of PDF problems including embedding fonts, converting RGB objects, adding missing bleed, converting spot colours, remapping 4 colour black text to 100% black, correction of white ‘overprint’ objects etc.


Sometimes you simply need to manually interact with your PDF in order to edit text, move position of content within the PDF, change content colour or add new content. PitStop Pro is an enormously powerful PDF editor with all the tools to meet the demands of even the most expert prepress professionals.

PitStop pro is available on OSX or Windows platforms and as a perpetual license (once off cost) or by monthly subscription. We offer a FREE thirty-day trial of PitStop Pro and we are available to help you make the most of you trial with telephone & remote technical support.

Monthly workshops are delivered providing free training to customers and the agenda is set by PitStop Pro users worldwide. These extremely informative sessions ensure you get the most from your investment and helps us ensure we maintain our market leading position.


PitStop Server delivers all the powerful brings PDF quality controls of PitStop Pro but in a fully automated, hot folder based workflow. The PitStop Server platform enables the user to define any number of PDF preflight or correction rules to an unlimited number of hot folders. When a PDF file in input to any of the PitStop Server hot folders, the PDF file is automatically processed using the associated preflight and/or correction rules. The resulting file(s) are delivered to the appropriate pre-defined output folder, for example, for final output to press or to error requiring intervention by the user. PitStop also includes an Adobe Flattening engine as part of the platform. This powerful function enables the user to automatically check for transparent objects in any PDF files and automatically flatten such objects to pre-defined quality standards.

PitStop server also includes automated email notifications following file processing and like, PitStop Pro, includes powerful preflight reporting.

PitStop Server is available on OSX or Windows platforms and is available as a stand along solution or is easily capable of integrating into automated workflows including Switch. We offer a FREE thirty-day trial of PitStop Server and we are available to help you make the most of you trial with telephone & remote technical support.

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