Connect All is the ultimate solution to control the quality, consistency and delivery of PDF files and other digital content. Connect All enables comprehensive control, preflight, correction and delivery and of PDF files and delivery of other digital content. With PitStop Servers industry leading PDF preflight, validation and correction technology built-in, Connect All enables the user to generate a fully self-contained App which can be provided to their customers.

All Preflight profiles, Action lists and Variable sets within PitStop are available in Connect All or users can create additional components from within the application. This fully branded App contains all the necessary capabilities to ensure that your customers generate PDF files to your production specifications and these PDFs are then comprehensively preflighted and corrected (if necessary) again according to pre-defined rules.

Also built in to Connect All are the abilities to deliver these files to pre-defined locations without the need to separately email or FTP files. Connect All also enables the collection of Metadata (job ticket) when the connector is launched. This Metadata could, for example, contain the job information: customer information, size, number of pages, email address, delivery date etc. and can be very useful in production to enable fully automated workflows but using an automation solution like Enfocus Switch.

Connect 13

Connect All

Connect All allows the creation of an unlimited number of connectors

All of which can contain completely individual requirements including branding, preflight, correction, metadata or delivery requirements. Connect All also manages all generated Connectors and has a build in mechanism for the management and remote update of Connectors. If any Connector is updated in Connect All, on the next occasion the Connector is used remotely, the user is prompted that a update to the Connector is available.

Connect All

Connect All provides the user with options when using Connectors

Users can simply ‘Print’ to a virtual printer which can be installed when the Connector is first launched. The resulting PDF file is generated according to the production specifications built-in to the connector and the Connector launches providing the collection of Metadata, preflighting, correcting and ultimately delivery of the content. Connect All is part of the wide Enfocus ‘Connect’ family including Connect You and Connect Send.

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