Switch is an enormously powerful and flexible automation platform build on open standards. Switch automates repetitive tasks by creating workflows that eliminate the touch points normally required to complete any given task. By automating processes, Switch ensures incredible efficiencies are achieved in additional to complete consistency and quality of the jobs produced through the Switch workflows. Users can create an unlimited amount of workflows to handle a vast array of tasks or integrate workflows together to achieve highly complex and automated processes.

Switch’s modular approach means that you only purchase the functionality that you actually require and can add on a wide range of additional capabilities as your needs change, simply by purchasing the additional modules(s) required to meet your requirements.

Switch Modules

Core engine

The heart of Switch. Manage files automatically and track progress at any time.


Take full advantage of the Switch partner integrations.

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Metadata module

Enhance your workflow intelligence and personalize your service to your customers.
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Integrate your self-made Visual basic scripts, Javascripts or AppleScripts.
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Automate communication between a database application and your workflow.
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Ensure network security and business continuity.

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Web services

Extend Switch to remote users in the cloud.

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Allow users to access Switch remotely.

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Switch easily integrates with your existing I.T. and business infrastructure and many industry standard applications including the Adobe Creative Cloud. The optional Configurator module further extends the possibilities of Switch by enabling it to utilise the power of integrated 3rd party applications directly from within any Switch flow.

For customers who require integration with MIS or database applications, the optional Switch Database module enables Switch to read/write bi-directionally from any ODBC compliant database. Jobs processed in a Switch workflow that uses the database module can utilise the information in the database to automatically make workflow decisions based on the database information. Examples of this functionality include enabling Switch to automatically send an email to a customer whos email address is read dynamically from the database or Switch preflighting a jobs size and the job dimensions are dynamically read from the database. Also, as jobs pass through specific points in the workflow, the status in the database can be automatically updated to reflect the job status in Switch.


One of the key benefits of Switch is that it doesn’t force the user to conform with any predefined ideas on how workflows are created or work. Switch is truly a blank canvas and enables users to create virtually limitless and truly unique workflows to meet their individual requirements. Switch also includes the ability of ‘execute commands’ from within any flow and to utilise a vast array of freely available command line applications further extending the capabilities of Switch. Additionally, Switch provides an optional Scripting module enabling the creation and execution of bespoke scripts anywhere thoughout the users workflows.


Switch also incorporates the Enfocus App Store further extending the workflow capabilities of Switch by adding capabilities developed by Switch integration partners Worldwide.

Switch fully integrates with all other Enfocus applications including PitStop Server and Connect all and together, they provide incredible automation capabilities.


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