Aproove is one of the most innovative Online proofing and collaboration solutions available today. As it’s most simple, Aproove is a Online proofing, team collaboration and file storage solution so users can invite, compare, notify, Approve and analysis jobs very quickly and efficicntly.

When project submission is done, job managers can invite attendees on the fly. The invitation can be for a guest (anonymous – needs only an email address) or named existing user. Invited persons receive a custom email in their own language with a link to the part of the project’s material to which they were invited. No login and password are needed to use invitation., simply click on the secure link and you’re participating in the project.


Send Invitation

View Pages

Request Change

Compare Page Changes

Aproove uses a unique technology to instantly stream any zoom level inside the document. Only high resolution documents are used in Aproove because the speed of the system is completely file size and resolution independent. With Aproove, there is no latency or wait to see the real high resolution content. Annotations tools consist of only ONE button clever enough to behave correctly depending on the context (text, image, layout, etc.). One single button means no training. It is also very efficient to avoid any misunderstanding between end users and professional operators.
Aproove integrates a powerful “trigger and action” engine. This offers unlimited automation around both Files and Collaborative features. Complete live cycle of original files or collaboration around the project can be managed automatically. Tasks like archival, deletion when obsolete, file moved or copied to the right folder when approved, rejected, can be easily automated. Triggers can be either events in Aproove interface like approval, shared approval, user feedback from a task or scheduled events based on start date or due date.
Aproove use a "Time Machine" like functionality to display page versions. Each time a new page including creative corrections is pushed, Aproove can display older versions in seconds. This feature permits very fast comparison of "before" and "after" from any to any version. If you cannot see the difference directly, Aproove can display the differences via a highlighted Mask for the viewer.
Wherever you are, you will never need to refresh your browser to see new annotations or page's status changes, everything is immediate using Aproove genuine PUSH technology. Collaboration using this has never been so easy.
All annotations can be commented by anyone who has access to it. The comments can be private or public according to users' needs. You can choose to be posted if someone is commenting one of your annotations or comments. That's up to you!
Whatever the device, all push and collaboration capabilities are available. From Windows PC, MAC, Ipad, Iphone, Android devices, you will get a fully featured push collaborative experience.
Aproove does support section inside jobs. The purpose of it is to manage complex division inside a job for grouping pages or assets including video, restricting access to part of a brochure (R/W, Read only, no Access, Hidden), or to simply display pages grouped in a specific way (chapter, forms, TOC, etc.). This gives a very powerful approach to manage complex approval/annotation process across big publications with a lot of pages and a lot of users. The setup is done in seconds using a simple drag and drop action.
When sending invitations, you can attach any kind of task or question to it. From these invitations, the guests will get a clear task description of what is expected from them and a clear answer form to send feedback. At the other side, project managers, have a very easy to use dashboard to quickly check status on all sent invitations and so have a very quick project status check.
Aproove is designed to manage any type of visual project and so does support 100+ file formats. From Microsoft Office to any image format, as well as any movie or Web format.
Aproove access is done using classic login and password credentials. All administration is done using a browser through the Internet. The internal architecture of Aproove is based at least on two parts: • The Web frontend • The Job Processing Agent (JPA) running in your local network. In case of multiple locations, you only need to add a JPA on your remote sites file servers and browse it in the unified web frontend. This offers to your company the capability to manage remote locations from one single web frontend with secured access.
On an average server, Aproove can handle hundreds to thousands of users and thousands of processed pages per day. Aproove will never limit you on a technical point of view. No additional hardware needed to handle additional users. The only limit will be your license. Your license can grow following your needs without any hidden cost.
Aproove is so optimized that it runs great on Virtual machines, even the Job processing engine. This enables you to run Aproove in a public or private cloud out of the box.

Aproove OneDesigned for Small agencies/freelancers.

Approve EntryDesigned for Larger Agency/Volume Printers.

Aproove ExecutiveDesigned for Large Account/Brand Owners.

Aproove ExpressDesigned to integrate with Enfocus Switch.

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