Quite Imposing Plus is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that allows you to manage page-imposition tasks quickly and easily. Quite Imposing is the industries favourite imposition solution for Adobe Acrobat and quickly combines pages into larger sheets, ready for printing. Check each sheet instantly, save time and money by avoiding errors. Then add pages, re-order pages, split or merge even/odd pages and number or even tile your pages - without leaving Adobe Acrobat. That's the fast, cost-effective way to produce finished products for either digital or conventional printing. Imposition solutions have traditionally been geared toward professional users but Quite Imposing Plus is very different - it's easy to learn and simple to use even for beginners. It enables anyone to master the imposition process without extensive training or complex job setups. Every operator will be able to arrange and rearrange pages, trim pages and accomplish a whole range of imposition tasks that will make your print production faster and more cost efficient.

Features include n-up, booklet making (i.e. creating saddle-stitched books), cropping pages, adding crop marks, re-ordering pages, scaling to make pages larger or smaller, adding whitespace, re-positioning text & graphics on pages, adding page numbers, adding Bates numbers, adding arbitrary text and variable text such as the document filename, masking out (obscuring) text & graphics, and much more.

And for high end, automated production requirements, Quiet Hot Imposing is the perfect solution. It provides completely automated imposition by simply dropping a PDF into a hot folder. Hot folders have pre-defined imposition templates assigned to them and immediately produce the required imposition to a pre-determined output folder. Additionally, Quite Hot Imposing can be seamlessly integrated with Enfocus Switch using the Quite configurator. This solution provides enormously powerful and limitless workflow/imposition and automation capabilities and it extensively used my many customers locally and globally.

Product Features

Feature Description Quite Imposing PLUS Quite HOT Imposing
Acrobat plug-in Runs as an extension to Adobe Acrobat
Standalone Watched folder and command line. Suitable for server use (single location, not internet).
N-up Pages arrange consecutive pages on a larger sheet e.g.2x2 Not duplicates of the same page - see Step And Repeat, in features of Quite Imposing Plus, below
N-up Centering Center the resulting N-up page
Trim & Shift Deal with "creep" in a folded booklet or add space, shift contents or trim from the edges
Shuffle Pages Shuffle for cut stacks and other layouts by defining a simple rule (called a "signature").
Shuffle Even/Odd Process even/odd pages separately. Split into separate files and merge together († not Quite HOT)
Shuffle Assistant An easy aid to working out layout signatures
Shuffle Assistant enhancements More complex layouts including head to head, step & repeat.
Adjust Page Sizes Scale, crop or extend pages with optional rotation
Page Tools Duplicate pages quickly. Also delete, move, rotate.
Tile Pages Split pages for printing or to split spreads; can make overlap or bleed.
Reverse Pages Reverses the order of pages
Insert Blank Pages Inserts blank pages of creates a blank document
Insert File Pages Insert pages from a file; easy duplication with or without collation
Insert conditionally Insert pages until a condition is met, like "multiple of 4 pages"
Impose Annotations & Form Fields Options to discard or convert to part of the imposition
Create Sample Document Useful for testing layouts
Control Panel Easy access to all functions
Preferences Define background templates with printers marks etc.
Automation Sequences Saves a sequence of commands to use again on future impositions
Step & repeat Fills sheets with multiple copies of the same page (e.g. for business cards, labels)
Manual Imposition Place pages over any other page at any position and scale.
Define Bleeds Impose pages with artwork that overruns the printing edge designed to be trimmed later.
PDF/X Support PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 are supported. PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5. Check the PDF/X status of a PDF file and preserve the PDF/X data in the imposition.
Stick on Text & Numbers Add numbers and/or text to pages or imposed sheets.
Stick on fields Stick on automatic text like file name, date, page count.
Bates Stamping Enter numbers with a leading zero. Useful for law firms and Government agencies.
Stick on Masking Tape Define a layout for "tape", stick on one or more pages.
Peel off Page Numbers, Masking Tape or Registration Marks Undo "Stick on" functions, remove crop marks
Imposition Info View origin of imposed pages for full accountability; also extract imposed pages for reuse, and delete pages from imposition.

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